Get cozy with Rosy

Rosy is Rose-tan's pet bulldog and the mascot for the first memecoin on the Oasis Network Oasis Logo

Who's Rose-tan? She's a character created by one of Oasis' first loyal memelords and represents the joy, excitement, and coziness of rose token holders everywhere.



  • Symbol: ROSYChart
  • Contract: 0x6665a6Cae3F52959f0f653E3D04270D54e6f13d8

  • 50% Liquidity
  • 36% Community & Projects
  • 8% Core Contributors
  • 6% Reserve
  • Contract Renounced
  • No Tax
Sad Rosy

How To Buy

ROSY is listed on XeggeX - our first centralized exchange partner.

Simply trade USDT directly for ROSY on XeggeX.

ROSY is listed on Illuminex - the first confidential dex on Oasis Network.

Follow the 8 steps below to see the easiest way to get some.

  • Step 1
    Get a MetaMask wallet.
  • Step 2
    Obtain USDT on the Ethereum network.
  • Step 3
    Go to the Illuminex swap page and connect your wallet.
  • Step 4
    In the Send box, select USDT.
  • Step 5
    In the Swap and get box, select ROSEOasis Logo, choose an amount, then press Cross chain swap.
  • Step 6
    When that completes, you'll have ROSEOasis Logo on the Sapphire paratime. On the same swap page, select ROSEOasis Logo in the Send box.
  • Step 7
    In the Swap and get box, select ROSY and then click the gear icon above the swap panel and disable the secure router.
  • Step 8
    Choose an amount and then press the Swap button to get some Rosy!

Hey! I'm Rose-tan!

Glad you finally got to meet my new dog Rosy! Rosy

But hey ~ I just want to be real clear! $ROSY has no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

It's a useless memecoin created for fun and to encourage and support activity on the Oasis Network.



  • Phase 1 Launch on Sapphire Testnet
  • Phase 2 Launch on Sapphire Mainnet
  • Phase 3 First Community Airdrop
  • Phase 4 Create Rosy's Backyard
  • Phase 5 Create Dark Rosy Rosy evolving to Dark Rosy

*The roadmap above is purely conceptual and is for informative purposes only.

The roadmap is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality. The roadmap should not be relied upon in any decision to acquire ROSY tokens. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in the roadmap remains at the sole and absolute discretion of ROSY.

There is no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of the roadmap and no representation, warranty or undertaking is or purported to be provided as the accuracy or completeness of said roadmap.